Life, As I Know It...

Kiki. 24. Long Island.
Tea Enthusiast. Yogi. Positivity Preacher. Badass.
This blog is to document my journey, as well as save random pictures/quotes I enjoy.
I am working at an accounting firm doing my internship while also attending school full time.
My passion is yoga. My hobbies include archery, knife throwing nun-chucking and nerding out.
I quit smoking cigarettes on June 10, 2013. Which I feel is my biggest accomplishment yet.
I am on a journey to get fit, meditate regularly and get some money in the bank so I can eventually begin my YTT.

I believe Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best, “Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.”

quick pick me up!

My brother recently moved back home from Missouri after he and his girlfriend split up so I got him a job where I work to help him out. I work the day shift, he works the night. Our times only overlap from 4-5pm. He got to work early and came over to my desk to BS.. I was having a miserable day thus far thanks to my pms and inability to control my nasty attitude when said pms takes over. but after BSing with my brother for just 10 minutes, I was feeling much better and feel like I’m able to take on the rest of my day without feeling like I need to destroy the world.

It’s very strange/nice having my brother home.. as we really didn’t speak much for the 4 years he was gone. It’s almost like meeting someone for the first time, but feeling like you’ve know them forever.

It’s nice working with him for the short time because at least we exchange words almost everyday, even if for just a brief moment as he comes into work or when I leave.

Sibling love.